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Fight poverty holiday season with Powerflow Yoga. We have teamed up with Eva’s Village, an incredible non-profit in Paterson, New Jersey, that is dedicated to feedng the hungry, providing shelter, treating addictions and giving medical and dental care to some of our state’s poorest people. They operate 12 different sites in a three-mile radius in Paterson to ease lives, starting one family at a time. Eva’s Kitchen heals families and aids them every step of the way toward independence. They help establish stable homes for children to grow up in.

Eva’s Kitchen always needs donations of specific items. This is where Powerflow yogis come in. You can help. Every studio location will be collecting different types of things. So go ahead and get your good karma going this season while you make others peoples’ lives better. Do yoga. Give. Repeat.

Here’s how you can help at the different locations:

Chatham, Livingston, Morristown
Bring socks, hats, gloves gently used or new. No coats please.

Glen Rock, Ridgewood, Westwood
Bring toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, feminine products, baby wipes. (No mouthwash or hand santizer or any products that contain alcohol.)

Bloomfield, Wayne, Hoboken, Clifton
Bring canned goods and dry goods. Any kind with long experiation dates.

This drive for Eva’s Village will be going on until 12-30-14. We hope you’ll help us with this fantastic charity.

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