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TT True Stories: What Makes a Good Teacher?

You know you are drawn to certain special yoga teachers. Maybe you like the way they give instructions. Maybe it’s their style of vinyasa flow. It could be the level of difficulty. Sometimes you love their playlists! What makes you click with some instructors? Why do they become your favorites?

Powerflow Yoga’s Teacher Trainees are breaking down what makes a good yoga teacher and digging deeply into their studies. Here’s what they’ve learned about this subject. Some of them are anxious to lead their own classes one day soon.

“I think what makes a good teacher is the ability to be grounding yet light and fun with the students. Make them sweat, but make them smile and enjoy the moments. I absolutely want to teach! There is no doubt in my mind that this training is helping me be more comfortable with public speaking.” –Caitlyn Gill

“There are so many things that can make a teacher good. Each person has something unique and special that they bring to class. That’s what makes yoga so great. You can experience all of that. I hope to teach, and now I’m working on my cues and on not talking so loud. This training has definitely helped me with confidence. I’m okay with speaking to a room full of people. It’s just about calming my nerves and not letting the adrenaline get the best of me.” –Stefanie Faivre, photo at left

“What I think makes a good teacher is the abilty to connect with your students on the physical and mental level. I also think it’s important to know the proper alignment for the body. Most importantly, you have to be yourself. Eventually, becoming a teacher is a goal of mine. I’m working on my cues and sequencing. I’ve learned that it’s important to enjoy what you’re doing and understand that this is all for the service of others.” –Casandra Katsogiannos

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