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Our Spring TT Scholarship Winner & Early Bird Pricing

We’re busy making our Spring 200 Hour Find Your Power Teacher Training the best one yet. Part of what we do—in addition to supporting our trainees to become amazing teachers—is choose one special student for our scholarship. We received more than 20 applications, so it was incredibly hard to pick just one. But we finally landed on (insert drum roll here) a karma yogi from PFY Clifton. Congratulations, Lou Redmond!

With his positive attitude and dedication to PFY, we think he’s going to experience an incredible life transformation and become a wonderful teacher. Our scholarship program covers 50 percent of his tuition. And we plan on offering it again for our upcoming trainings. Stay tuned to our website and Instagram feed (@powerflowyoga) for future announcements. In the meantime, you can still get into the spring class right now. Sign up ASAP to get the early bird pricing that ends this Friday, 2/10. If you’re ready to make a big change, this is the program for you. We truly believe that we offer the highest quality training with the most experienced teachers at the best price. Email us with any and all questions.

Meet Our Spring TT Scholarship Winner Lou Redmond

PFY: Tell us more about yourself.
Lou: I’m 27 years old. I recently moved from San Diego, CA, back to my hometown of Nutley, NJ. Life has taken me on a very different path since college. Basically, I was going down the typical corporate road, and I couldn’t wait for the weekends to let loose and party. I had many things happen that completely changed my life which led me to quit my corporate job to pursue a greater calling. 

PFY: So what is your greater calling?
Lou: I am an inspirational speaker and meditation teacher. I am currently working through a mindfulness certification training. I wrote a book on my story in hopes to inspire others to find their own calling. My work is now focused on empowering people to do something meaningful to them and to inspire a deep love and excitement for life. Find out more on my website, and check out the video I made

PFY: How did you get into yoga?
Lou: I started a meditation practice almost 2 years ago. It was through meditation that I found a deep peace and love that I never knew existed. Yoga was on my mind to start, but it took me over a year to finally go. Once I took my first hot class, I kicked myself for waiting so long. I was hooked. It was the perfect practice to compliment meditation. And the workout felt great. 

PFY: What do you love most about yoga?
Lou: If I’m not going to yoga regularly, I can feel it. It helps me release any tension I’ve built up and gives me clarity of mind as I go throughout my day. It also gives me my physical strength, and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life since starting it. 

PFY: Why do you want to be a yoga teacher?
Lou: I want to be a teacher because yoga has the power to help people find themselves and live a better life. It’s right in line my values and my personal mission. I hope I can be a teacher that creates a transformational experience both physically and emotionally for my students. 

PFY: Tell us the important details… What’s your favorite song, food and move?
Lou: My favorite songs are anything by Nahko and Medicine for the People. My favorite food is avocado. My favorite movie is Good Will Hunting.

If you can relate to Lou, you will fit right into our TT program. We are happy to tell you more. Just check out our free yoga classes and Q&As afterward with our teachers. Here’s our schedule

Free Classes with TT Q&A Afterward

Sunday, 2/12 at Powerflow Yoga Livingston
Hot Power Vinyasa class with Michael Simpson at 10:00 am. Stay for Q&A at 11:15 am.

Wednesday, 2/15 at Powerflow Yoga Westwood
Yin Yoga class with Stacey Bell at 7:00 pm. Stay for Q&A at 8:15 pm.

Thursday, 2/16 at Powerflow Yoga Wayne
Hot Power Vinyasa class with Stacey Bell at 4:30 pm. Stay for Q&A at 5:30 pm

Classes are free. Just RSVP and send us any question via email. We hope to hear from you soon.

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