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Power Plus Membership Terms

Powerflow Yoga Power Plus Membership (PPM) is an auto-renew package that requires a minimum 6-month commitment and may be cancelled at any time after 6 months with a 30-day notice to the studio manager. This membership includes unlimited access to all PFY locations, 20% discounts on retail purchases, 20% discounts on workshops and a pass to bring one friend for free to one class each month. You also get our Powerflow on the Go platform for free.

As a Power Plus Member, you agree to pay a monthly fee of $149 each month for unlimited yoga at all Powerflow Yoga locations. Please see below for PPM guidelines including monthly payments, freeze or suspensions and cancellation of the PPM.

Payments are on an auto-renew basis and will occur once every month. Power Plus members are required to keep a current credit or debit card on file for the monthly $149 payments. If a credit card expires or you would like to change credit cards Powerflow requests the credit card change be made 2 weeks prior to the monthly charge date. Students can make the change online using their online access or with their studio manager. If a PPM charge is declined Powerflow reserves the right to charge the member any bank fees incurred from the declined charge. In order to avoid any fees please keep your credit card on file current and active.

Suspensions are allowed for medical reasons. A doctor’s note is required to suspend your PPM. Suspensions must be approved through the studio manager.

If you would like to cancel your PPM we require a 30 day notice prior to your billing date. Please see your studio manager to request a PPM cancellation. Once the cancellation request has been received a studio manager will email a confirmation that the cancellation has been processed and the date the cancellation is effective. PPMs can not be cancelled while suspended.

If you have more questions please email us at: info@powerflownj.com