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How I Make Time for Yoga

Every now and then, I look for an excuse to get out of going to yoga.

“I’m too tired!”

“I didn’t eat enough today!”

“Yesterday’s workout was really hard.”

“The class I want to go to is probably full”.

Yes, taking days off is important. You have to do it. And sometimes, these excuses are valid. But, let’s be honest, usually they’re not. So I have made one rule for myself. One excuse I never use anymore is:

“I don’t have time.”

There was a time in my life when I thought I was too busy for anything besides work. Early mornings and late nights are hard. Sometimes you don’t want to get up early to go to yoga or stay up late to go to the 8:30pm class. I have found that just the slightest changes can make squeezing in your workout or yoga practice much easier.

I work an average of 55 to 60 hours a week producing 3 radio shows. My workday stars at 5 am, so early morning workouts are out of the question for me. It’s very easy for me to say I don’t have time to work out. There are times when I can be at the office from 5 am to 5 pm, and then I have to go to a dinner until 8 pm. Sometimes, I don’t walk in my door in Jersey City until 10 pm. So when do I fit in a workout?

I found myself using the excuse, “I don’t have time to work out today!” way too often. It had to stop. I decided I had to make exercise a priority 5 times a week. But if I get in 4, I’m still happy! At the beginning of the week I write down in the notes section of my phone when I am going to the studio and when I’ll have to do yoga on my own. I set realistic expectations for myself on which classes I can get to, what days I’ll practice from home. I factor in some days off based on my schedule. This planning ahead has helped me tremendously.

Sometimes, the hardest part about fitting time in for a yoga class is actually getting there. I worry about the parking, the traffic, the subway trains, and will I get a spot for my mat? So many factors can mess it all up! When I have time, I get to the hot yoga class I planned for. Those are the best days, and I manage to do it several times a week. But when I’m working a 12-hour day, I’ve decided it’s okay to practice at home. I’ve actually grown to love it. Practicing in the studio is much better.
But home is good, too.

Practicing alone is more fun than you might think. I move my ottoman to make room for my mat, get out my blocks (that I bought on Amazon for $20), light some incense (also bought on Amazon), turn on a good yoga playlist and just go. Sometimes I like to write down a flow that I remember from my favorite Powerflow class, or I make up my own. I play yoga instructor to myself, and that is fun!

Some days, I like to spend 15 to 20 minutes just working on one pose. I choose a pose that I always hope to do in class, but I never quite get it. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to do when you’re by yourself.

Planning out my workouts at the beginning of the week and promising myself that I’ll set aside time to work on my practice–wherever that may be–has changed the way I feel 100 percent. I’m more awake in the mornings; I sleep better; and I’m all around happier. Making the time has not only helped my yoga practice but also my overall sanity. I promise you if you can do yoga even just 20 minutes a day, you will so much better. Sure, it’s best to get to the studio for a class. But go ahead and keep up your practice at home and there will be no more days when you don’t have time to workout!

–Colleen Shea

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