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We Are So Proud of Our 20 in 30s

Today, hundreds of PFY yogis are adding their final sticker to our studios’ 20 in 30 boards. It’s the last day of the 20 in 30 challenge, and people are proud–plus sweaty and a little sore. We want to wish everyone a big congratuations. We know how much you deserve kudos (and chocolate and coconut water and more). So go take a class at Wayne where studio manager Jessica Ernst is giving out coconut water and Kind bars for this special day. You can also visit the Ridgewood and Westwood locations this Saturday, May 9, for a You Did It! party with $10 drop ins, live music, snacks, free Athleta gifts and up to 50 percent off PFY goodies.

No matter if you finished 20 (or more) or 2, we at PFY are happy for you. See Tracie Mascolo in the photo at left. She almost quit–it is physically and logistically challenging–but she told us she’s glad she powered through. You can see how she felt when she took this selfie after her 20th class with Erin Barry yesterday–and she did the bonus round! Pretty cool, yes. But listen, it doesn’t matter if you got all the way to 20. Everyone who signed up made conscious decisions to include more yoga in their lives. Everyone who came to the mat this month did the same. The bottom line: Just do yoga because it is transformative. Doing yoga creates a change for the better in everyone who practices.

Now read what three of our 20 in 30s had to say:

PFY yogi Meghan J. posted on the 20 in 30 PFY All Stars Facebook group, “This was my first challenge, and it was a great experience. Glad to have put this as a fitness priority and feeling better mentally and physically.”

Toby K. added: “As Jeff (Scios) says, ‘Anything you do, you will do better when you do yoga.’ So true. I finished my 30 in 30 in 29 days.”

Last but not least, we are also very happy for Susana S. who took 10 classes. She is proud of her commitment and her accomplishment, and she should be! Everyone is a winner at PFY.

We wish we could give prizes to all! But, alas, the people who completed their 20 classes should go to their home studios soon to pick up their bandanas, T-shirts or gift cards. They will be ready in a few days.

And why not make a new commitment now? Yoga can be a regular habit, all you have to do is show up. And repeat. Your body and mind will thank you. And PFY is always happy to help yogis stay on their journeys. Let us know how this challenge has been for you in the comments or in the FB group. And always reach out to the studio staff when you have questions or need support. April was awesome, and we promise to keep the great yoga coming.


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