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Exclusive: Q&A with Phillip Askew! He’s Teaching Saturday!

We are excited about two things. First, Phillip Askew is coming to Bloomfield this Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. He’s the sweet yogi dude from this inspiring, viral video we’ve embedded below. Second, he talked to us exclusively about what to expect from his CoreLab workshop (Morristown, he’s coming to you soon, too!). So keep reading and also find out what is new on the Phillip Askew horizon. He is so cool and talented, and we are happy to share his gifts with you this Saturday. Sign up soon, this will sell out. Added bonus: His wonderful partner Ivy Kaminer will be co-teaching.


Kristen Kemp: What’s the coolest things that have happened to you because of your awesome video?

Phillip Askew: Since the New York City Vinyasa video, much has happened in my teaching career. But the coolest thing, is how many incredible yogis have been collaborating with me on new video projects ever since. These are projects which haven’t been released yet, but that all fit in to a super video that is in the works. Stay tuned!


KK: What is your overall goal for your students in your classes?

PA: In my class, we work with many objectives, both gross and subtle. Overall, I try to create an atmosphere that’s positive and productive, fun and focused, enlivening and enlightening, so that we can have an experience of higher consciousness and elevation together through the work.


KK: What can Powerflow yogis expect in Saturday’s Core Lab workshop in Bloomfield?

PA: Personally, I have come to love the Corelabs curriculum, and I do it every single day. Through it, I strengthen my core body connection and that literally helps me with everything. Every handstand, every backbend, every forward bend and twist, every step in the street, every action big or small is heightened, strengthened, more centered and imbued with a deeper grace as a result of this core activation. This class is not about about quantity but quality of movement, with emphasis on good technique. Eighty percent of your serotonin is in your enteric nervous system, which is in your gut. And it’s easy to feel after this class because there is a powerful elation that follows.


KK: How would you describe your vinyasa flows?

PA: They say that before you can play a-tonal music well, you must master tonal music. My vinyasa flows are creative–a little (or a lot) different every time–but they are extremely structured and always informed by years of study in various schools of yoga thought, deconstructed and reconstructed artfully.


KK: What will be the most fun part of class?

PA:  Definitely the peak. Teaching a good class is a lot like telling a good story–there’s a beginning, a middle and an end–there’s a setup, a development, a climax and a resolution. And while my whole class is characteristically fun, the peak climax, which has an undetermined time duration, is definitely the funnest.  🙂


What will his peak pose be? I can’t wait to find out. See you there.


Kristen Kemp


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