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5 Ways PFY Teachers Stay Calm In Stressful Situations 

forwardfoldFall can be really busy. We get that. From the drop off line at school to the deadlines at work, this season brings it on. So we asked some of our most popular PFY teachers how they stay calm and centered in stressful situations.  You know you can step into the studio to move your body and clear your mind. That always helps. And you can also try these 5 tips that work really well for our teachers.

1. Early morning meditation
“Meditation helps me to stay present, grounded and calm throughout the day.” —Wendy Greenberg 

2. Counting my blessings
“I remind myself of my blessings. When I hold a difficult pose, I use the breath to find comfort with my current situation. I know that like all things in life, it will pass. And things are good.” —Melissa Giordano

3. Weight lifting
“I stay focused and calm by reminding myself of all the great things I have going on in my life. It is easy to go down the rabbit hole of all the things we don’t have, so I go through the list of things I do have! I also love to lift weights to clear my mind and use my Yoga Tune Up therapy balls for a physical practice that regulates my body and mind!” –-Jessie Haims

4. Not taking things personally
“For me, in times of stressful situations, I always go back to my breath, and I tell myself it’s not me. I remind myself that people communicate through filters on how they perceive themselves. They’ve created stories from their experiences and filters. What other people think is what they think, not what is me.”  –-Susie Murphy

5. Self-care like massage or reality TV
“I try to remember to stay in the present moment and not jump ahead. Usually when I am anxious, I am anticipating something that is to come. And sometimes that thing doesn’t even happen. And I make that thing so much worse than it actually is–if and when it does happen. If that doesn’t work, I try to find somewhere to sit for a minute or 2. I give myself permission to feel whatever it is I am feeling, because sometimes we feel anxious, and that is okay. I give myself time to be a little anxious, promise myself that I will be kind to the feelings I have, and then I adjust my day to deal with it. If I can get in some self-care, that also works. Like massage, a good book or reality TV. (Yes, I watch Bachelor in Paradise.) Then I tell myself that tomorrow will take care of itself. My job is to take care of the present.” –-Alison McCue

–by Jenn Adams, karma yogi at Powerflow Livingston.

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