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5 Reasons to Do 20 in 30 Challenge

Have you heard about the 20 in 30 Challenge? Do you know what it is? Let me tell you how much fun we have when we do 20 classes in the span of 30 days. I’ve completed it twice, and I’m about to go right back in and do it again. But before I tell you 5 Reasons to Do the 20 in 30 Challenge, let me explain how it works:   As you know we have 10 PFY locations, so just go to the one you frequent the most and sign your name on the board (like the one in the photo). Use your package and start taking classes this Saturday, November 1, through Sunday, November 30. For each class you take, you put up a sticker. Let me tell you, you haven’t loved stickers this much since you were in the second grade. At the end, you get a) major bragging rights and b) a cute PFY tank to wear with pride and c) some guest passes to invite your friends and d) bigger muscles and smiles.   Now, on to the juicy part…   5 Reasons to Do the 20 in 30 Challenge   1. You will work your body and mind harder than you’ve ever worked them in your life. What does that mean? You will be stronger, more flexible and more focused. But let me give a little advice: Pace yourself. Don’t go all out 100 percent effort every single class (muscles and joints do get sore!) and weave in some basics and restorative classes so your body can rest. And it’s totally okay to take a few extra child’s poses during the month.   2. You will make friends. Going to class regularly with the same people means you’ll smile at each other more often. By the end of the month, those smiles turn to friends both on and off Facebook.   3. You will learn about yoga. Because you’ll be taking in more classes, you’ll discover new tips and tricks that will blow your yogic mind.   4. You will discover new teachers. You have to fit 20 classes in 30 days, so you’ll probably try out new teachers and class times and even new PFY locations just to fit it all in. You will have a few more favorite classes to put into your yoga backpocket.   5. When you are finished, you can post stuff like this on Facebook, “So I just finished 20 in 30 yesterday at 6 am. It could not have been more amazing! Unique things are happening and special people are at our studios. I’m so happy to be a part of it.” That was what the lovely Tamra Grizzle, karma yogi and yoga teacher, had to say last year. Are you in? Totally. Let’s be in this together.   –Kristen Kemp

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