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20 in 30: Done and Done!

Our November 20 classes in 30 days challenge is done. And hundreds of PFY yogis are done! They completed their mission. Some did 20 classes, squeezing in their last ones on Monday. A few people took 30 classes. A few more did the bonus round and visted all 10 PFY studios. Even if you only got a few classes in, we are proud of your efforts to add more yoga into your life. Any amount of yoga helps you get a strong body and calm mind.

But some of you also want your tank tops and T-shirts. Well, you earned them if you got all 20 in. And they are ready! If you did 20 classes, get your shirt at the studio where you put your name on the board. Be sure to check in at the front desk. Bonus round people can get their $50 gift card when they talk to the front desk of their home studios.

We can’t wait to see you wear your PFY 20 in 30 pride in class.

Expect more 20 in 30 in 2016!

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