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20 in 30 Begins: Join Our FB Page & Do the Bonus Round

The 20 in 30 challenge has officially started. Today is Day 3, and some yogis have already taken 3 classes and put their stickers on the wall. (You’ll see the poster boards hanging in each studio.) But the numbers don’t really matter much. While most of the more than 500 yogis who have signed up will finish; some won’t. And some don’t sign up at all. We love them all.

What really matters is that our PFY yogis feel inspired. The energy during this challenge—from the students, teachers and staff—is contagious. Through the ups and downs, we hope everyone gets the benefits of yoga like increasing strength, flexibility, mental focus and reduced stress. And one more big benefit: It’s always nice to make friends and feel like you’re part of a community. (***Did you know there’s a bonus round, and you can earn a $50 PFY retail gift certificate? Read to the bottom of this email for details.)

Join in on the fun—and follow everyone’s journey—on the 20 in 30 PFY All Stars FB page!
Want to know just how powerful this challenge is? Read this testimonial from Maria D. who completed it last year:

“Dear Powerflow,
The simplest things, the smallest gestures and the most minute adjustments tend to have the biggest impact on our lives. For me, this started with a simple email from Powerflow Yoga in October 2014. 20 classes in 30 days seemed feasible but definitely challenging. But why do it? I began my yoga practice for its physical benefits. My hope was that just a short month of dedication would tone my muscles and strengthen my core. Needless to say, I received so much more than my original intention. The intensity of the challenge was difficult but motivating. A year later, I don’t recall the difficulty of the classes or the dreaded early morning 6 am power hours. After a year of practice and a reminder email from Powerflow of my one-year anniversary, I am reminded of the people I met, the community I was a part of, and most importantly, I sit here smiling. Smiling with a full heart reflecting on how this year has been filled with amazing instructors, good friends and endless moments of inspiration. The real challenge may not be completing 20 classes in 30 days but instead finding something to smile about every day. So take the challenge, smile and thank yourself. It’s worth so much more than the tank top!”

Bonus Round Details:

Take 10 of your 20 classes at each of our PFY studios. Just take a selfie there, upload it to
Instagram and use the following tags:
@powerflowyogaNJ #PFY20in30 and the studio like #PFYGlenRock

Earn $50 toward regular-priced PFY retail!

The fine print:
*You must complete 20 in 30 to earn the voucher.
*Voucher cannot be used toward discounted retail.
*Voucher cannot be used toward classes or workshops.
*Voucher expires 5-1-16.

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