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I Have 2 Classes Left: My 20 in 30 Journey

I only have 2 classes left to go in my 20 in 30 Challenge, and this feels like the longest month ever! I’m tired and sore, but I’ve never felt better. How does that make any sense?

Not only do I feel strong and fit, but it also feels amazing to know I was able to dedicate all that time to myself this month. This is the third time I’ve done this challenge, and it’s by far the hardest. It’s harder because I’m much busier with work and life things. Getting to Hoboken to practice 5 times a week seemed like it would be almost impossible.

At the beginning of the month, I was so busy that I missed the first 3 days of April which really threw me off track. Usually, I’m in there every day trying to knock out my 20 classes as quickly as possible. I started to get a bit stressed out wondering if I’d be able to get this done. I decided I wasn’t going to let this be a stressful thing. I wanted this to be fun. Once I put that in my mind, I started knocking out classes fast.

The most fun thing about this challenge was that it forced me to change up my routine. My normal routine is to get to the 12:30 pm classes whenever I can. To do 20 classes in 30 days, that would not be enough because of my schedule. I had to start coming to some night and weekend classes, too. By doing that, I’ve been able to experience instructors outside of my regular routine.

I think I’ve spent the most time taking classes with Jeff Scios this month. There is never a dull moment in his class. Whether he’s challenging you to put your foot behind your head or daring you to try out your handstand, you will come out of his class feeling accomplished. Jeff also likes to make you laugh when you’re in child’s pose or taking a quick rest. He might be telling you something Donald Trump said that day or just singing along to a guitar rift in his rock-inspired playlist. I’m planning on changing my routine up more often to make it to his class.

Another new class I’ve enjoyed is the Dharma-inspired flow with Rashila Amin. Her energy and giant smile is enough to bring you out of any sort of funk you were in when you arrived on your mat. I always feel extremely challenged in her class because it moves fast and pushes you to try out an arm balance you didn’t know you could do. If you haven’t been to a Rashila class yet, I promise she is worth traveling to Hoboken for.

As I sat in my 15th class of the month with Susan Tee, a newer PFY instructor, she explained to us that she was also doing the 20 in 30 Challenge. Her original concern had been the same as mine: ‘How will I fit all of these classes into my schedule?’ She went on to explain that 20 classes in 30 days isn’t just a fitness challenge, it’s a mind challenge. Forcing yourself to make 20 hours of time available to yourself in 1 month is not easy. But when you stop and think about it that way, it’s not that much time. Why shouldn’t we always be able to take 20 hours to ourselves even when it’s not a challenge month?

What I’m taking away from this 20 in 30 challenge is that it means much more to me this time around than last time. Yes, my clothes fit better. Yes, I feel very strong. And yes, my arm balances have improved. But more importantly, I’m proud that I was able to make some much-needed time for myself in April. That time on the mat is sacred, and I’m going to do everything I can to keep it up next month and so on after that.

Plus, I was able to fall in love with yoga all over again by switching up my routine and trying out some new classes! I suggest that everyone try their own 20 in 30 Challenge any time of the year. Carve out 20 hours that month just for yourself, and enjoy it on your mat. You will feel amazing, and your arm balances will look amazing. Off I go to class 18!

Colleen Shea

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