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Do Teacher Training with Stacey Bell & Meet Her Tomorrow in Class

3ba8ac79-7262-44a3-90a9-3e837f3cbb82You’ve heard about our PFY School of Yoga‘s new 200 Hour: Find Your Power teacher training, right? It starts this Fall, which is just around the corner. We are creating an amazing and transformative curriculum for students who want to teach or just want to study yoga more deeply. If you’re thinking about making this commitment, now is the time. Spots are filling up fast. We understand you need more info. So tomorrow, Wednesday, 6/29, at 6:15 pm, we’re offering you the chance to take a free class with co-leader Stacey Bell followed by a Q&A. Come! All you need to do is RSVP here.

Get to know Stacey, below. She is one of PFY’s most supportive and experienced teachers. She’ll lead the training alongside the incredibly talented Carrie Parker.

PFY: What do you love about leading the 200 TT?
Stacey Bell: Leading the 200 hour TT is a deeply satisfying teaching experience. It’s an opportunity to immerse our students in yogic study that just can’t happen in a single class. They come in wanting to learn about asana and how to teach a power yoga class. They leave transformed by the fuller study of yoga and a deeper sense of themselves! Oh…and you will definitely know how to teach an AMAZING yoga class! I can’t wait to get started.

PFY: What do you personally bring to the training?
Stacey Bell: I led the 200 hour TT for Garden State Yoga for several years before we became Powerflow Yoga. Many of the teachers I graduated are  stand-outs in our PFY community. This training will provide a systematic way to become a foundationally strong teacher. In addition to the solid framework, I will support you in cultivating your voice, presence and unique gift as a teacher.

PFY: What advice do you have for new TTs?
Stacey Bell: Be patient with your process. It takes time to develop all the parts of that add up to great teaching. And just know the dedication you devote to this 200 hour TT will blossom in your life in the most extraordinary ways. Come be a part of this!

PFY: Where did you take your 200 TT and when?
Stacey Bell: I was certified at Kripalu in 1995 followed by 3 years of deep study in Iyengar yoga with senior teacher, Mary Sinclair.

PFY: What is your favorite pose?
Stacey Bell: The ones that help me grow…which means all of them! I do have a particular fondness for Bharadvajasana (which is a seated twist).

PFY: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Stacey Bell: Oreos and Cream…or is it tiramisu? I know, I know, it’s cookie dough with chocolate chips!  Like yoga asana, they’re all good!

Be sure to RSVP for her free class tomorrow in Bloomfield right here.




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