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Yoga for Special Needs

Yoga for Special Needs

Yoga is for everyone, and we are proud to serve the special needs community. We believe our accessible and interactive yoga classes benefit children and young adults with a large variety of health concerns. Our Yoga for Special Needs program is designed to meet students exactly where they are in their current skill sets. Our classes focus on a combination of breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises, meditation, yoga poses and games. Students will learn techniques to help build awareness, concentration and a positive sense of self. We would love to hear about your individual or group, so we can create a professional and helpful yoga program for you.

Weekly Yoga for Children with Special Needs Class

We have a weekly class at PFY Clifton called Yoga for Children with Special Needs taught by Kimie Mittman, a certified yoga instructor and the manager of PFY Clifton. She received her bachelor’s in Early Childhood Development and Family Studies and Special Education from West Virginia University. She has a background in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy and has worked as a Behavior Technician. Kimie’s passion is teaching yoga and connecting with her students. We have Kimie and teachers like her who are love to lead people with varying disabilities. They can help create more calm and peace in kids and caretakers’ lives. Yoga and meditation truly are for every body.

Use the contact form on the left to inquire about yoga for special needs, or email us at corporateclients@powerflownj.com.