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  • If you heard that hot yoga is the athlete's yoga, you heard right.

Athletes Love Powerflow Yoga Classes!

Our Yoga for Athletes classes include:

• WARM Yoga for Athletic Balance
• HOT Powerflow Vinyasa
• WARM Yoga Nidra
• Restorative Yoga

Because you play hard–running, climbing, golfing, cycling, pumping, cross fitting and tough muddering–muscles can become very fibrous and strong–and just plain tight. Tightness means you can lose mobility and then moving around becomes more difficult. For example, runners can get such strong quadriceps that their hamstrings shorten in the back of their thighs and folding forward becomes sore and difficult. Weight lifters can get so toned in the shoulders and arms that they can’t reach way up high anymore. This can cause that dreaded snap in muscles–and we want to avoid that painful setback and aggravation at all costs.

As an athlete’s range of motion decreases, the ability to stay on top of his or her game becomes harder. This is preventable! Hot yoga loosens the muscles naturally and safely, allowing sports enthusiasts to find more freedom, flexibility and ease in tight areas. With a little yoga practice, these muscles will stay just as strong–and also become more pliable and flexible so you can move them more precisely and comfortably for the rest of your life. Your goal in Yoga for Athletes is to lengthen and strengthen the body. And hot power yoga strives to provide that well-rounded workout (cardio, weight bearing, stretching and more) that makes you feel better from head to toe. Make a plan to incorporate some yoga regularly–2 to 3 times a week or more–and see results within a month. Big huge bonus: Study after study shows that yoga–done with expert instruction like we offer at Powerflow–decreases pain throughout the body, especially in the low back.

Here are just some of the benefits of Hot Yoga for Athletes:

Full range of motion
More flexibility
Improved balance
Better focus
Increased core strength (deeper and more powerful than just that pretty 6 pack)
Reduced risk of injury

Why does the heat work so well?

The heat makes your muscles more elastic and pliable allowing for deeper and safer stretching with results that are longer lasting. The heat enhances vasodilation. What does that mean? Put simply, more blood and oxygen gets delivered to the muscles allowing them to build, lengthen and repair more easily. This increased blood and oxygen also speeds up the body’s ability to breakdown glucose and fatty acids that help shed fat tissue and weight (if you even need that). PFY’s signature powerful flows also increase the heart rate for a well-rounded and excellent cardiovascular workout.

Top professional and recreational athletes are big on yoga! Famous football teams like The New York Giants embrace yoga. So do ice skaters, swimmers, gymnasts, dancers and more. In addition to all of the benefits we’ve already talked about, hot yoga gives the body a needed rest from repetitive motions of one sport (especially one-sided sports) while still offering that solid workout. Another great benefit: The breath control you learn in yoga will help keep your mind and body calm in stressful conditions on and off your mat.

Get started. If you are a coach or a team member, consider adding Yoga for Athletes to your regimen. We can walk you through different programs tailored specifically to your sport of choice. Get strong and bendy for lifelong athletic health. Contact us now (workshops@powerflownj.com) to arrange a private class and get your team started with yoga.