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Vibrations of Love w/ Danielle Franco LePore

Date: February 12, 2021, 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm
Location: powerflow Yoga Livingston
Price: $40
Phone: 973.994.0051
Email: Livingston@powerflownj.com
Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2XF2SGE

Vibrations of Love

w/ Danielle Franco LePore


A new moon celebration and ceremonial space for heart opening and sound healing with Kundalini Yoga & Sacred Gong.


Join Danielle as she guides you through powerful Kundalini Meditations to activate the 4thchakra and stimulate your spiritual heart. She’ll then play the Venus Gong for 45 minutes as you bathe your mind, body and spirit in the rejuvenating vibrations. Together we’ll practice new moon rituals for intention setting and discuss the energy of Venus and how to embrace more unconditional love, abundance, beauty, self-compassion and creativity in our lives.


Kundalini is a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, which incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, we bring that energy up our spine through the seven chakras, to build vitality and increase consciousness. 


The gong is one of humanity’s most ancient, powerful and transformational healing instruments. The pure, penetrating vibrations of the gong help to facilitate cleansing, harmony and revitalization of the mental, emotional, energetic and physical body.  The sound of the gong transcends the thinking mind and activates theta and delta brainwaves taking you into a deeply meditative and relaxed state where the subconscious is accessed and the body can enter self-healing mode.  The sound of the gong is said to be the “sound of all creation”.



About Danielle:

Danielle teaches and practices Vinyasa, Hatha, Bhakti and Kundalini Yoga. She loves to share this amazing technology that facilitates Self-Mastery and has helped her heal mentally, physically and emotionally. Danielle holds certifications in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping) reiki, and holistic nutrition. She is currently studying sound healing through the Gong Avatar Academy. She inspires her students to connect to their personal power and live their most authentic lives.