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5 Reasons to Take Savasana Instead of a Shot This New Year’s Eve

yin yoga restorative glen rockAs 2017 swiftly comes to an end, the streets are buzzing with excitement for New Year’s Eve. Everywhere you go, you can hear people discussing upcoming parties, dinner plans and other traditions. New Year’s Eve can be a really fun party—time well-spent with family and friends. But it is also an evening of promises, intentions and preparation for the year ahead.

PFY Asbury Park Studio Manager Matthew Dwyer loves to practice yoga on New Year’s Eve. That’s why he’s teaching a special class from 10:30 pm to midnight(ish) at PFY Bloomfield. We recently got the chance to sit down with him and Alison McCue to pick their brains about practicing yoga on New Year’s Eve. Read more about New Year’s Eve Yoga: Take Savasana, Not a Shot below.

1. Dedication

Your reason for practicing is yours alone. That’s what is so beautiful about a yoga practice—it’s so personal. Practicing yoga on New Year’s Eve allows you to dedicate yourself to something. It doesn’t have to be taking a certain number of classes or finally nailing an impossible pose. You could simply be dedicated to living your life in sweet happiness. If yoga makes you happy, then come take class. Ring in the new year doing something that brings you joy.

2. Benefits

The results are in: there are countless benefits of a consistent yoga practice. From BMI to blood pressure to cholesterol, the perks are endless. Some of these benefits are what initially drew PFY President and Chief Marketing Officer Alison McCue to her first New Year’s Eve yoga class. “Having spent most New Year’s Eve’s at a bar or party, the concept of waking up refreshed, inspired and detoxed was intriguing,” says McCue. To Matthew, though, these are just added perks. “The real benefit is to have a relationship with your Heart,” says Dwyer. “Not your physical heart, although that thanks you, too.” He’s talking about your Heart with a capital H, your source of love and compassion.

3. Possibilities

By practicing yoga, you realize your self-worth and limitless potential. Instead of getting bogged down by negative self-talk, you learn to turn your thoughts around. You are much more powerful, beautiful and lovable (the list goes on) than you think you are. On New Year’s Eve, practice yoga to discover your own super power.

4. Community

“Over the years, I have surrounded myself with people that I love and support. They also love and support me,” says Matthew. “I’ve taken myself out of old toxic communities and replaced that with my Satsung.” Now, he gets equally excited whether he sees a familiar face or a new one. Practicing yoga fosters a sense of community that doesn’t disappear once the 75-minute class ends. You will form countless relationships from your time spent on the mat. Each one is super special, whether it’s a friendly smile or a deeply personal connection.

5. Out with the old, in with the new

A lot of people spend New Year’s Eve at a bar or party to spend New Year’s Day nursing a hangover. Let’s face it, holidays past can be a bit of a blur. Take savasana instead of a shot this New Year’s Eve to find clarity in the upcoming year. “My friends thought I was crazy. Instead of putting on a sparkly dress, I put on my Lulus,” says McCue. “But after class, I felt so good walking back to my apartment. I felt light and hopeful for the year ahead.” Over the years, your sense of a party may change. “Now, my favorite way to party is to be intoxicated from love,” adds Dwyer. “I like to see how vulnerable I can be, how much I can love and how many emotions I can feel.”

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