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21 in 31 Yoga Challenge

We challenge you to take 21 hot yoga classes in 31 days

Get ready for powerful and positive changes in your life. When you make the commitment to do 21 hot yoga classes in 31 days, you give yourself the gift of a stronger body and calmer mind. We encourage all levels to try it out and see the benefits for yourself.
hot yoga challenge powerflow yoga 21 in 31

Rules and requirements:

  • Purchase a 1 Month Unlimited, or use your current package.
  • Write your name on the board at your home studio to confirm registration.
    • You can take class at any PFY location, but please pick one studio board to track your classes.
  • For every class completed, put a sticker next to your name. You don’t have to stop at 21!
  • Doubles are allowed.

Rewards for completion:

  • 21 percent discount on any retail purchase 11/1 to 12/31/17
  • Bonus Prize Raffle: Enter your name at your home studio to win a One Month Unlimited yoga membership at PFY*. We will give out one free month per studio!

Want to buy your 21 in 31 package now? Great! Select your PFY studio below, and follow the steps to purchase a One Month Unlimited. Be sure to select October 1 as your start date. Already have a PFY package? No problem. You can use any active package you like for the Fall 21 in 31 Challenge.

Questions? Email us with 21 in 31 FALL 2017 in the subject line, or give us a ring at 973.507.9800

*Must be activated by 12/31/17
*PPMs will get credit for one month’s balance. One Year Unlimiteds get a month added on to the end of the year.