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Choose Your Journey Challenge

What Journey will you pick?

November kicks off the season of gratitude and giving. Start by filling your own cup! Take your yoga practice up a notch with our November challenge to strengthen the body and still the mind. Make sure cold weather, a hectic work schedule, kids sports or the holiday season don’t throw off your routine. Whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, each journey is tiered to your level and schedule.



So what is the Challenge:

  • Choose your challenge and commit to taking either 15, 20, 25 or 30 classes during the month of November.
  • Write your name on your own personalized card at your home studio to confirm registration.
    • You can take class at any PFY location, but please pick one studio to track your classes.
    • Circle the Journey you are choosing.
  • For every class completed, put a sticker on your board. You don’t have to stop at 15, 20, 25. You can keep going until you hit 30!
  • Doubles are allowed.
  • Workshops count as two.

Reward for completion:


If you complete your challenge, your name will be entered into a drawing for one month of free yoga.

If you complete 15 classes your name gets entered into the raffle one time, 20 classes three times, 25 classes five times and 30 classes your name will be entered TEN TIMES!

Put yourself first and become a better you.

Questions? Email us with Choose your Journey as the subject line or give us a ring at 973.507.9800