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3 Yin Poses to Get Through the Holidays

How are your holidays going? They’re fun, right? Are they also a little stressful and hectic? You’re not alone! The holidays are a big swirl of activity and emotion. We defer to our yoga practice to help us stay positive and strong. Especially helpful during this time of year are relaxing yin yoga poses. Yin yoga goes a bit deeper into your body for more release of tension and stress. We highly recommend taking these 3 yin yoga poses a few times during this season. You will feel more relaxed and ready to take on your busy day. And the best part? These poses are easy, and they’ll only take you a few minutes to do. Here are 3 Yin Yoga Poses to Get Through the Holidays from our Yin Yoga Teacher Training co-leaders Deb Donnally and Crystal Paone.

3 Yin Yoga Poses to Get Through the Holidays

1. Butterfly Pose

Lie on your back and draw the soles of the feet together and the knees apart. Heels should be away from the groin for a more comfortable pose. Allow the inner thighs to release to the ground. If there is too much strain, use a soft support under the thighs and calves such as a rolled up towel or pillow. You want to feel a little bit–just the right amount. It is important to feel some stretching and awareness to this area to draw in energy and blood flow. You want to soften and strengthen the supportive fascia and ligaments. Let your arms rest along your sides with the palms face up or stretch arms overhead holding opposite elbows. Allow yourself to be in the stillness and take deep breaths. Stay for 1 to 5 minutes. To come out, gently use your arms to draw your legs together and roll to your side. Press up using your arms and the front of your body. Let your head lag as you lift it back up.

2. Child’s Pose

Come on to your hands and knees, and take child’s pose. Separate your thighs and allow the toes to touch. Sit back on your heels, and fold forward. You can add softness by putting a blanket under your knees and body. If your forehead doesn’t make it to the ground, slide a bolster or pillow under the body or head to bring the ground closer to you. Once again, you will feel stimulation in the inner thighs and lower back. These are areas that support the energy of the kidneys and adrenal glands. These areas allow the flow of energy to move through the fascia to rejuvenate the health of the internal organs. In stressful times, we continually drain the energy of the kidney/adrenal complex causing us to lack vitality and feel run down. Be particularly aware of the breath that moves in the back body as you nourish this important aspect of your well being. Stay for 1 to 5 minutes.

3. Reclined Pigeon

This is Reclined Pigeon at the wall with a twist. We use the wall to give additional support and grounding during this hectic time of year. Lie on your back about 1 foot from the wall. Cross your right ankle over your left thigh, like a figure 4 shape. The left foot will be on the wall. You may need to adjust the distance of your hips from the wall by scooting in closer or further away. You can also slide the left foot up higher on the wall to lessen the intensity. Place a soft block or rolled up blanket into the right hip crease to help keep the right leg in place, and allow your arms to relax. Feel the gentle tug on the outer right hip, and allow the body to be still. You’re freeing up physical and emotional energy as you snuggle into the pose.

From your Reclined Pigeon at the wall, release your arms out to either side like cactus arms. Keeping your legs in position, begin to drop the legs over to the left for a twist. Soften through the belly and shoulders, breathing softly. Notice the exhale as it creates more space for your to sink heavily into the twist. Slowly unravel back to center and slide both legs up the wall. Pause for a few minutes with legs up the wall, and then repeat on the other side crossing the left ankle over the right thigh. Stay on each side for 1 to 5 minutes. Simply be as you hold the pose, and give yourself this gift of surrender and stillness with the yin practice.

Do you love to yin yoga as much as we do? If you’re like us, you’d love Deb Donnally and Crystal Paone’s 30 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training this January. There are just a few weeks left to sign up because classes start Friday, 1/19/18. Whether you’re a teacher, or you just want to deepen a relaxing and beneficial practice, this training is for you. You will release stress and discover deeper layers inside yourself. You’ll love understanding more and doing more yin. Sign up today, and contact Deb and Crystal with any questions.

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Kristen Kemp

Kristen Kemp

Kristen Kemp, a 500 hour RYT, teaches a strong, sweaty and safe vinyasa flow that is alignment-based. Kristen has an additional 500-hour training in yoga therapy to help students heal themselves through the practice. Her classes link breath and movement so students can find more stillness, peace and happiness--on and off the mat. Her music is an upbeat mix of songs you can sing to. She has studied with Jody Domerstad, Stacy Bell, Alison McCue, Jason Crandell and Seane Corn. Kristen is a longtime freelance writer. She is the social media manager and content creator for Powerflow Yoga.

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