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21 in 31: 5 Tips for Feeling Great During 21 in 31

21 in 31: 5 Tips for Feeling Great During 21 in 31

Congratulations! You’ve already put stickers on one week of your 21 in 31 calendar. But honestly, the first week is the easiest. You’re still motivated and your body probably doesn’t feel that sore yet. As you head into week two, however, you may start to notice some changes. If you start to feel tired, that is totally normal! Your body is reacting to the extra activity and heat. But trust the process. By the end of this yoga challenge, your body will be stronger and more supple, and your mind will be clearer and more focused. PFY student and 20 in 30 veteran Cali Goffin knows this to be true. “That’s the way to make a habit—by going almost everyday,” says Goffin. “My yoga practice gives back way more to me when I make it a daily priority.”

Now more than ever, be sure to take good care of yourself. When done properly, this challenge builds something really special. 21 in 31 is about rediscovering your yoga practice after a busy summer. It’s about remembering all the benefits your practice offers you. It’s about reconnecting to a community of extraordinary people—to a community that lifts you up. But if you aren’t properly supporting yourself, how can you be there for your community? Here’s how you can keep yourself healthy and strong during this yoga challenge.

Finish 21 in 31 with a strong body and calm mind


1. Why do you practice?

Clearly define your goals for 21 in 31. Now that you are one week in, ask yourself the question, “Why am I doing this?” 21 in 31 is a big undertaking. Most us will start to lose steam at one point or another. Practicing for the sake of practicing is fine—you’ll get all of the aforementioned benefits. But when you practice for a higher purpose, you can devote yourself to this challenge. Devotion is the highest quality fuel available to yogis. Surrender yourself to whatever lights you up.

2. Bottoms up!

ultima hydration yoga challenge bloomfield chatham livingstonYou need to drink more fluids more often during 21 in 31. Since you’re in the heat more, your muscles will dehydrate faster. If you’re cramping after class, drink a coconut water. It’s full of potassium that will nourish your tired muscles after a sweaty class.
Don’t like the taste of coconuts? PFY teacher Michael Simpson recommends Ultima Replenishers. “You can buy a box of 20 Stickpacks for like $15.00 on Amazon,” says Simpson. “All of the flavors taste so good, but my favorite is raspberry. The best part? No sugar, no gluten, no caffeine, blah blah blah.”

3. Slow and steady wins the race

Pace yourself. Add in a few restorative and yin classes. There is no shame in admitting you need to take it easy. Trust that your body will enjoy a little backing off. Your mind will, too. We want you to finish this challenge, but not to the point that you’re stressed out. Relax. Have fun. If you feel like doing a double, get yourself a Double Quarter Pounder instead.

4. Consume some extra bro-tein

You are working hard. Your body needs fluids, yes, but it also needs fuel. Protein helps you build strong muscles. It gives your body long-lasting, slow-burning energy. Eat some eggs or oatmeal for breakfast to energize yourself for the day. Ward off the afternoon nap as you snack on a couple scoops of peanut butter.

*Editor’s note: If you live in the Montclair area, you may have a hard time finding peanut butter. PFY Social Media and Marketing Manager Kristen Kemp buys it buy the truckload. She drives a really big truck.

Stay tuned for next week’s post. Kristen will share her secret Peanut Butter Protein Ball recipe with you all. They’re delicious!

5. You get by with a little help from your friends

“Practicing with community can make the 21 classes a total breeze,” says PFY Asbury manager Matthew Dwyer. Try to coordinate some of your yoga classes with a friend. Don’t have a buddy yet? Great! This is the best time to make one. After class, introduce yourself to the person who just practiced next to you. Thank them for practicing with you. Gratitude is an easy conversation-starter with a stranger. Talk to one new person each class. After 21 classes you will be a part of something special: your very own yoga tribe. Community is what it’s all about. That’s the hokey pokey.

Good luck everyone! This is an intense challenge and you’re rocking it. We’re so proud of you.

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