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Logo for PFY 20 in 30 Challenge on a green backdrop.

The PFY 20 in 30 Challenge starts April 1

Twice per year, PFY students attempt to take 20 yoga classes in 30 days. It’s a fun, sweaty event that brings together our whole community.

Want to join us? See the sign-up instructions below.

This year, we added a bonus round. The winner will save $200 off our upcoming yoga retreat to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala this November. Learn more about that below.

Nothing beats a yoga community IRL

After the past two years, everyone agrees that people thrive in communities. And a community thrives when everyone works towards a common goal.

“Yoga challenges,” for lack of a better term, help to foster a sense of camaraderie among students. When you take 20 yoga classes in 30 days, a few faces are bound to become familiar. Like neighbors on your street, you can’t help but wave hello to someone you see often. Perhaps you unroll your yoga mats next to each other one day, and just like that: A friendship begins.

Community helps you stay committed

Meet your fellow yogis in our PFY 20 in 30 All Stars Facebook group. Here you’ll get exclusive access to special blog posts and helpful tips.

Sign up for the PFY 20 in 30 Challenge

  1. Write your name on the 20 in 30 board at your home studio.
  2. Track your progress with the stickers provided.
  3. Take 20 PFY classes in 30 days.



Win a chance to save $200 off a PFY Retreat

PFY Retreats heads to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala from Nov. 26 to Dec. 3. Spend one week practicing yoga on a beautiful crater lake made more picturesque by a backdrop of colossal volcanoes and vibrant, colorful towns.

Enter the bonus round and win a chance to save $200 off your trip. See the criteria, and if you’re up for the challenge, register using the form below.

PFY 20 in 30 Bonus Round

  1. Take at least one class at all seven PFY studios.
  2. Take at least five classes with PFY teachers you’ve yet to try.
  3. Follow @powerflowyoga on Instagram. Tag us in at least one story and one post.
  4. When you take your 20th class, post a picture with your teacher using the hashtag #PFYRetreats.
Bonus Round Registration

We will email the winner and announce them via social media on May 15.