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Join your Powerflow Yoga community on this incredible #PFY20in30 journey

If you talk it, you can walk it!

20 classes in 30 days are meant to light a spark in the yogi’s practice. You are taking full accountability of putting the time on the mat. Yes, the stickers and the shirt is fantastic, but what’s even more remarkable is you will be putting 20 plus hours into mastering something. This is a challenge because you are putting your yoga practice as a priority.

Happiness is total and complete satisfaction with yourself.

So, go ahead and write your name on the board and collect those stickers; Walk the Walk.

How to sign up

In-studio or Virtually:

1. Write your name on the 20 in 30 board at your home studio by 10/31/20. Once the board is full, registration is full. So don’t wait. If you are taking Livestream classes, email us at info@powerflownj.com to receive your personalized shared google board to track your progress.

2. Complete 20 classes in 30 days and keep track of your commitment to the 20 in 30 boards. Any class at any PFY location counts, but pick one studio to keep track. You can also take classes, in-studio, online, or outdoors.

3. Once completed, you will receive the official 20 in 30 tank top or T-shirt. If you have a google 20 in 30 board please email us to let us know you completed and we will check your board.

4. Questions? Email us with 20 in 30 in the subject line.

5. Optional: Are you on Facebook? Join our PFY All-Star group. We created this group so you’d have a place to share your experiences and show your love. We will get this done because we’re doing it together.

6. Want to buy your 20 in 30 package now? Great! Select your PFY studio above and follow the steps to purchase a 1 Month Unlimited. Be sure to select November 1 as your start date. Already have a PFY package? No problem. You can use any active package you like for the November #PFY20in30 Challenge.


✵Click here to purchase for CHATHAM, LIVINGSTON or MORRISTOWN


✵Click here to purchase for CLIFTON, HOBOKEN or JERSEY CITY


✵Click here to purchase for GLEN ROCK